When it comes to online advertising, there are a number of useful tools that you can use to your advantage to maximise their effectiveness. If you have done a bit of research then you may have heard of Facebook Pixel, but there’s a question.

What is a Facebook Pixel?

What is a Facebook Pixel

In a nutshell, a Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that sits on your website and tracks your customer’s activity whilst on your website. So what buttons are pressed, which products are viewed, what pages are visited, what actions they take etc. Then with this data, you can then create a Facebook or Instagram advert using the data that you have collected to target your audience via social media.

So ever wondered why you are seeing an ad on Facebook for the tent that you were just looking at on Vango’s website? Well, this is how a Pixel works and uses data to target your customer with relevant ads, yielding better results.

To help explain it in more detail, this video from Cat Howell will tell you all you need to know

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Want to install a Facebook Pixel?

So after seeing that, you probably want your own Facebook Pixel installed, configured, and optimised for your own business too, right? Well, the good news is we can help you with that as well. We can either create the Pixels and configure them for you, or if you already have one installed, we can ensure it is optimised correctly, then use it to create awesome PPC ads that generate great results.

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